Greening Central Groove

At CG we believe in minimising our impact on the natural world.  We have an environmental policy that encompasses the principles of:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Restore

We are members of the Devon Environmental Business Initiative (DEBI), who provide us with technical and practical support in achieving our environmental aims.

Plant a tree for your site!

We have found that many of our customers are as concerned for the environment as we are.   We have therefore decided to support the Woodland Trust and Plant A Tree for every website that we develop.  

Why do we do this?! Small step –Big Impact:

  • Offset CO2 emissions produced in the development of your website
  • Provide wildlife habitats
  • Plant native British trees
  • Re-establish native woodlands
  • Enhance the natural UK landscape

Planting trees to offset CO2 emissions has had some bad press recently. We have taken account of this in choosing to support the Woodland Trust, because they:

  • Nurture your tree for the next twelve years, until it is established into the forest
  • Choose one of 5 carefully selected sites in  the UK
  • Engage local engagements and use the site for education
  • Plant locally appropriate trees that encourage wildlife and local biodiversity.