Got a great website?  Now get it found! 

Every Central Groove website is submitted to the major search engines, so that clients searching for your service will find you.  We can do more!  Have you ever wondered how to get your site to the top of the search engine list? You can have some impact by thinking carefully about the text you include on your site, see our quick SEO tips page.


Central Groove offers a service that will improve your website's ranking on the major search engine listings. Known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) , or Website Optimisation, this service is an ongoing process that works to continually keep your website listed above your competition. As more and more services and products are offered on line it is becoming more important that your website is found easily by clients. If you are ranking well, have an impacting website, and have a great business, people won't be clicking any further to other websites. We give all our clients basic tips about how you can use the content of your site to help your ranking, and if you want to ensure your site appears in the top ranking just contact us for an SEO package quote.